Our Story


Hello, we are Lisa and Richard, the two people behind this shop. Together with our dog Frankie we love to explore the outdoors, at home and abroad. As designers, we love to create and craft things inspired by our adventures.

Black and White photo of founders from Hej Earth and their dof

How it all started

Back in 2019 we decided to leave our home Munich and booked a one way ticket to Australia. A few days later we fell in love with our 30 years old yellow camper van and started our roadtrip along the west coast. We had the best time at empty beaches and on endless roads. We enjoyed sunsets over the ocean, campfires with people we met along the way and starry nights in the outback. A once in a lifetime adventure.

While we travelled 30.000 km around Australia, we took hundreds of photos and illustrated what we have seen, to capture all our memories. And of course, we started an Instagram account called @hej.earth to keep in touch with friends and family back home.

Yellow camper van in Australia

Kangaroos at beach in Western Australia

Our rolling design studio

To be able to do this trip, Richard and I got self employed at the same time and launched our design studio BRANDY & COCO, with the mission to help brands to grow and evolve with their Branding and Digital Design. We launched our first website while sitting in our van, watching whales passing the Ningaloo Reef. 

A few days later, we bumped into an an inspiring Art Gallery that has just opened up in the Western Australian Pilbara. They spontaneously booked us to develop their website, and asked us to give branding workshop sessions to amazingly creative people & small business owners in their community. Australia means a lot to us – both personally and professionally. 

One year later, loaded with experiences, memories and plenty of creative inspiration, the pandemic hit and we had to go back to Germany. And with us, our van.

Drone photo of camper van rolling on the street with fields next to it

Creating our own products

While Richard did the most fantastic job rebuilding our van based on the originial 1985 layout, but with a more hejearthy touch to it, Lisa started to recreate our illustrations and developed ideas for our first products.

Oh, and not to forget: this was also the time Frankie joined our little family and turned our life's upside down. Every dog person will know how much we love our little furry friend.Lisa smiling with cup of coffee in her hand

We create goods for explorers like us that reflect our passion for both design and the outdoors, produced fairly and sustainably.

When it came to choosing the materials we wanted to use for our products, we picked exclusive papers like 100% recycled papers, renewable pulp board or grass paper.

Notebooks covered with sand and palm tree shadow over them

Something we always tell brands we work with is:
Good things take time.

And yes, it took us two years (not counting our first attempts in Australia) to pull HEJ EARTH® up. From illustrations to receiving the first prints to...giving it a break and spending a few months on Madeira island...to finally having this shop online. All you can see on here has been designed by us. It has all gone through our hands and was curated carefully to be a wonderful addition to your next adventures.

Founder couple and dog sitting on couch and laughing

All our products and designs are full of love, simplicity and have an adventurous soul, with the intention to inspire you.

And if you're still here reading these lines, thank you for your time. We are excited to take you on this journey. Friends book advertising

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